• Project Optimism

    "Where opportunity meets change"


    Project Optimism is offering an after-school mentoring program this year at Katherine Johnson Middle School. This program will run for the entire academic school year starting on Oct. 24th, 2022 until the end of April 2023. The sessions will begin after school every Monday from 2:50 pm to 5:10 pm, with the exception of any observed holiday or early dismissal. Sessions will take place in classroom H2.


    The program will have an emphasis on strengthening skills related to leadership, improve social-emotional and behavioral skills, promote school connectedness, and improve academic performance, along with an opportunity for group mentoring.


    If you are interested in your child participating, please pick a form from the office.


    An authorized staff of Project Optimism, Inc. will meet your child at the designated location right after school (TBD by Admin and Project Optimism). The group will walk from the designated area into the class together and begin the program. A snack will be provided (please notify the program manager in advance, in writing, if your child has any food restrictions due to allergies/sensitivities or provide your child with an appropriate snack). The program will end at 5:10 pm. Please pick up your child from the front of the school promptly at 5:10 pm.


    For more information, contact:

    Anglieena Hayes, Program Manager

    Office: 916-621-7406