• This class consists of all elected Student Government officers and students who take the class as an elective. The purpose of the class is to build leadership skills and develop character traits by planning and coordinating activities and events in the school and community. This includes activities such as assemblies, rallies, dances, service projects, and spirit days. Emphasis is on school spirit and community service, with fundraising to support the needs of the school and community. Officers/Students in the class should be role models for the school, demonstrating initiative, work ethic, responsibility, reliability, empathy, and positive enthusiasm. These are students who want to make a difference and give back. We reach out and network with other schools, businesses, charitable organizations, and civic/community leaders in the community. Students are expected to attend activities during lunch, before school, after school, and occasionally during other periods of the school day.


    For questions regarding Student Leadership, contact Dr. Crutis Borton, Activities Director, English Teacher - curtis.borton@sanjuan.edu