Student Emergency Information Updates

  • Emergency contact information must be updated annually for each student. 

    Families are able to update annual information including emergency contacts via the Parent Portal. You can view instructions on how to complete the process online. If needed, your school office can help you complete the process on a school computer. 

    The information update for 2021-2022 includes questions about technology access to help schools determine who may need computing devices or assistance in securing internet access. There is also a question on housing difficulties to help identify families who may qualify for additional services.  If you have multiple students, the online process through Parent Portal will allow you to update information for each student one at a time. 

    Updating parent/guardian contact information 

    It is important that we also have up-to-date contact information on file for each student's parent or guardian. This information can be updated at ANY TIME of the year by logging into the Parent Portal or notifying your school office. 

Last Modified on July 28, 2021