• The Equity and Student Achievement Department focuses on the district equity belief statement:

    Through policies, practices, programs and decisions, San Juan will reduce the predictability of which students fail by utilizing an equity lens to eliminate barriers for our specific populations.

    We believe that building a systemic sustainable culture which is inclusive, empowering and socially responsible, individual skills, strengths and needs will be honored and will allow all members of our district community to achieve their highest potential. 

    San Juan Unified strives to provide a physically and psychologically safe learning environment for every student, every day. While developing policies, establishing standard practices, creating new and analyzing current programs and making decisions, San Juan Unified uses an equity lens to target and eliminate barriers for all students.

    Our goal is to create an environment that is driven by some of our San Juan Unified shared beliefs:

      • Every person is unique and has equal worth.
      • Diversity is a valuable asset that strengthens and enriches our community.
      • Everyone benefits when people willingly contribute to the well-being of others.     

     The purpose of educational equity is to foster personal, cultural and systemic transformation that establishes educational justice by engaging and empowering youth, staff and our community to become agents of positive social change.

    It is a Theory of Action, which is based on the following components, that guides the work in our district.

    Theory of Action components

    As an organization, we consistently use our equity lens when looking at policies, practices and procedures to eliminate barriers that are perpetuating equity gaps. This work ultimately builds a culture that is supportive and inclusive.

    Venn Diagram of components of a supportive school/classroom environment

    The Equity Task Force, created by the Equity and Student Achievement Department, continuously examines barriers which limit access to programs and services at elementary, K-8 and middle schools, and makes recommendations for expanding access for all populations. 

    The Equity Task Force is implementing the tools necessary for San Juan Unified to build a culture that ensures that school life experiences of students, family, staff and the greater community are consistently inclusive and supportive for everyone.