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5-day full-time schedule for 2021-2022

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As health conditions throughout the state and region continue to improve, and health restrictions begin to ease, San Juan Unified officials have confirmed that district schools will begin the 2021-2022 school year on Aug. 12 with a traditional five days-per-week, full-day, schedule. Most schools’ start and end times will change back to what they were before March 2020.

As staff prepare for this transition, they are closely monitoring developments related to health precautions including face coverings and other issues. 

Understanding that students and families have unique and individual needs, the district will continue to provide a choice in instructional models by offering independent study for grades 9-12 and homeschool for kindergarten through eighth grade. In addition, a new virtual academy option is being explored, which would provide transitional kindergarten through 12th grade with a blended model of synchronous online and asynchronous instruction. 

A planned survey of families to determine the level of interest in a new virtual academy model has been postponed as state legislators and other officials are currently debating what may or may not be allowable. Once the parameters have been established by the state, details of a virtual academy offering will be finalized and shared with families. 

Students who chose the district’s distance learning or homeschool programs for this school year are guaranteed a return seat to their previous school if they opt to return to in-person learning for 2021-2022. Students not enrolled in independent study or homeschool for 2021-2022 will automatically be enrolled in the traditional five-day, full-time in-person model. Once the year starts, families will have the flexibility to move their students between models on a space available basis. However, parents/guardians are strongly encouraged to consider their first choice as each model uses a different pace of learning which may make transitioning between models difficult for a student even if space is available.