Howe Avenue Music

  • Above Photo Credit: Kyle Rynicki, courtesy of Carnegie Hall
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    The Howe Avenue Elementary music program can be described as a foundation program, which introduces students to the basic concepts and elements of music. These key elements are rhythm, melody, harmony, movement, improvisation, and instrumental experiences.

    The Howe Avenue Elementary music program is sequential and based upon various music education methodologies; such as Carl Orff’s Schulwerk (Schoolwork), and Zoltan Kodaly’s curriculum approach. The music teacher utilizes each of these approaches, which focus on one or more of the key elements of music. Each student, first through fifth grade, receives forty minutes of music instruction twice a week. The instruction is delivered in the music classroom during the regular school day while the classroom teacher has preparatory time. The Howe Avenue music teacher collaborates with fellow music teachers on site and in a combined effort they use an integrated curriculum approach.

    All children are encouraged to participate in band, choir, percussion, piano, violin, and recorder ensembles. These ensembles are free and instruments are provided.
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Last Modified on May 24, 2022