Family Handbook

Addendum to Family Handbook: Dec. 9, 2020

  • On Dec. 9, 2020, San Juan Unified made changes to the following policies and procedures: Non-Discrimination Statement; Student Non-Discrimination Policy; Student Sexual Harassment Policy; Rights of Married, Pregnant and Parenting Students; Know Your Educational Rights; Response to Immigration Enforcement; Directory Information; and Uniform Complaint Procedures (UCP).

2020-21 Family Handbook

  • 2020-2021 Family Handbook San Juan Unified's Annual Family Handbook serves as a guide to district resources, a reference of rights and responsibilities, and as an overview of campus rules.

    As a Guide to District Resources

    In San Juan Unified, we are proud to offer a wide variety of programs, specialized classes and student services delivered by high quality, caring staff. This handbook provides a preview of many of these programs and we welcome you to visit our campuses and offices to learn more about any of the programs you read about here.

    As a Reference of Rights and Responsibilities

    In order to continue to grow as a strong school community, it is important our families and students are aware of their rights and responsibilities within San Juan Unified, as well as our district’s responsibility as a partner in your student’s educational experience.

    As an Overview of Campus Rules

    Our rules and regulations have been established to protect the rights of all students and promote a safe learning environment. Students must be free to learn and teachers must be free to teach. Campuses may have additional guidelines for student dress and conduct. We thank you for working with us to ensure student and campus safety.


  • Last updated Dec. 9, 2020

Last Modified on February 18, 2021