TK-8 Homeschool Program

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    San Juan Unified School District offers a TK-8 Homeschool Program and is currently enrolling students for the 2021-2022 school year.
    The optional homeschool program helps meet students’ individual needs and offers support to families who choose to educate their children at home. The parent/guardian will partner with a credentialed Advisory Teacher to create a customized educational plan for their student that will meet the California State Standards. 
    As part of the program:
    • Students must receive at least four to six hours of daily instruction in English and complete coursework meeting California standards for each subject
    • Parents or guardians must meet regularly with the assigned credentialed teacher
    • Families receive curriculum, resources, teaching tips, and educational advice  

    TK-8 Homeschool Brochure

    TK-8 Homeschool Application


TK-8 Homeschool Curriculum

  • Kindergarten Curriculum Options

  • 1st Grade Curriculum Options

  • 2nd Grade Curriculum Options

  • 3rd Grade Curriculum Options

  • 4th Grade Curriculum Options

  • 5th Grade Curriculum Options

  • 6th Grade Curriculum Options

  • 7th Grade Curriculum Options

  • 8th Grade Curriculum Options

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