Welcome to the world of Japanese Language !


    Konnichiwa minasan.  My name is Makiko Swartout.  My students call me  Sensei which means Teacher in Japanese.  I was born in Tokyo and came to the United States in 1987 when I married Swartout-san.  I graduated from Waseda University in Tokyo majoring English education.  Now I get to teach Japanese to American students!

    I have been teaching at BV ever since they started Japanese program in 2003, except one year when I took a break to finish all my courses to acquire the permanent credential.  It is such a pleasure to teach my native language and share the joy of our wonderful culture.  This year I have 1 Level 1 class, 2 Level 2 classes and 1 Level 3and 1 AP class.    

    In my spare time I like to read, travel, cook and eat good food. My favorite food is sushi, of course, and ramen (Chinese style Japanese noodle soup) and Takoyaki (hard to explain...).  I don't like peanut butter, mustard, pizza and a root beer !  Also I will pass out if I see cockroaches... especially Japanese kind.
    In summer of 2018 I took students to Japan. We all had an awesome time and learned a lot of Japanese culture first hand.  Please take a look at  some of the pictures on Japan Trip site and also Class Photo site.
    I am planning to have another Japan trip in the end of the year in June 2020.  The currents tudents, previous students, parents, staff, anyone is welcome to join us.

    I am looking forward to having a great year with you.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.  E-mail works the best. 

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Last Modified on July 31, 2019