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Summer Enrichment Programs

Summer Enrichment Programs

Arcade is unable to host any summer programs this year due to construction and the preparation of our new site for an August opening. However, Katherine Johnson Middle School is opening up their summer enrichment program to Arcade students!

There are many summer programs to choose from at the Katherine Johnson summer program. They will be offering a Sports Camp, STEM Camp, Mindful Movement, Geometry through Origami, Terrariums, Solar Ovens Camp, Money and Math, and a Language Adventure Camp, in addition to other courses.

Click here to register and view a description of each camp.


This is available for all current 6th and 7th graders, as well as incoming 6th graders.


June 17th through July 12th, weekly classes.


Katherine Johnson Middle School, 1400 Bell St, Sacramento

This summer program is offered on a first come, first served basis until the classes are full. Katherine Johnson will then create a waitlist and call additional students to join after a student has been absent for 2 days during the first week.

We look forward to an engaging and enriching learning experience! Please fill out a registration form for each child you would like to participate. The deadline is Friday, May 24th!