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Fair Oaks community celebrates the modernization of Earl LeGette Elementary School’s historic campus

Fair Oaks community celebrates the modernization of Earl LeGette Elementary School’s historic campus

Three cheers for Earl LeGette Elementary School! The 67-year-old school cut the ribbon on its campus modernization project on March 21. The celebration continued with a tour and showcase led by student council leaders, and concluded with their open house night.

The warm afternoon sun shone a bright light on the new additions to the school, including its multipurpose room and amphitheater, as well as its renovated kindergarten wing, library, administrative building, classroom wings and walkways. Filled with pride, LeGette staff, students and community members each shared their excitement about the refreshed campus, which was made possible through voter-approved bonds.

“LeGette Elementary School’s presence and legacy are firmly rooted in Fair Oaks,” said Principal Greg Barge, “That’s why it’s important to uphold this legacy by continuing to provide our students with the resources and facilities needed to foster growth and innovation in our classrooms.”

San Juan Unified School Board President Pam Costa shared the rich history and legacy of LeGette, referencing its deep roots in the community. She described how the strong partnership between local philanthropists George and Nancy Miller, and the former San Juan Unified School Board President, Earl LeGette, brought this elementary school to fruition in 1957.

“Sixty-seven years after its opening date, we are gathered on this property just like Mr. LeGette, the Millers and San Juan’s former Board of Education, to celebrate a new start for our school and our students,” said Costa. “While the physical appearance of this campus has changed, the positive impact that this school will continue to have on generations of Fair Oaks students is undeniable.”

Sixth-grade student council president, Avery Hammons, spoke directly about the impact of LeGette’s modernized facilities on its students. She shared how these upgrades have made day-to-day activities, such as lunchtime, far more efficient.

“The lunch lines before would have been out the door and it would take a while to get to the front,” said Hammons. “Now, with two lunch lines, it takes 1-3 minutes.”

Hammons also spoke about how the physical appearance of the campus has improved. “It’s not just the buildings that have changed, but the field has had a couple of upgrades, too. The field now has new grass and soccer goals with nets, versus the old field which had dirt patches and rusty goals,” she explained.

This project was made possible through voter-approved bonds. San Juan Unified thanks the community, FLINT, Nacht & Lewis, Kitchell Construction Management and Derivi Castellanos Architects for their support in helping make 21st-century improvements to our classrooms and schools a reality.

Check out a photo album of the event on our Facebook page. For more information about the construction projects happening in our district, visit our construction news webpage.