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Mira Loma High School celebrates Día de los Muertos

Mira Loma High School celebrates Día de los Muertos

On Nov. 1, Mira Loma High School celebrated Día de los Muertos with colorful altars, live music, dancing and cultural art. This Latin American celebration joyfully honors the memory of the deceased and recognizes that death is a natural part of life. 

This is one of several of Mira Loma's cultural festivals that promote inclusion by celebrating our diverse community. 

“Even though I'm not specifically from this origin, I know a lot of people who are, and I know the importance that it holds to them,” said Greta Sharma, a 10th-grade student at Mira Loma. 

Typically altars are decorated with photos of the deceased, candles, sugar skulls, marigolds and a variety of food. Many believe that on this day the souls of those who have passed return home. The offerings on these altars are important because they are believed to help spirits find their way back to their relatives.

Students at Mira Loma honored the lives of loved ones and public figures. There were crafting and face painting stations, informational boards full of rich history, and art installations. This cross-curricular celebration is honored annually by the school, involving student-run clubs, staff, and the surrounding community.