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Arcade Fundamental Modernization

Project Updates

Purpose and Timeline

A full campus redesign is planned for Arcade Fundamental Middle School at its existing location. The campus will have the capacity to accommodate 650 students and will include a new maker space, classroom buildings and multipurpose room.

  • February 2022 - Design work begins
  • February-May 2022 - Conduct technical studies, including traffic studies
  • March-June 2022 - Draft CEQA documents
  • July 2022 - Public review of CEQA documents
  • August 2022 - Finalize CEQA documents
  • Winter 2022 - Construction began on campus modernization
  • July 2024 - Construction expected to be completed 


Sharing Voice

The voices of the students, families, staff members and the entire community are vital to the process of developing new facilities and adjusting middle school boundaries in the Arden-Arcade region. There are several ways you can share your voice throughout the process:

  • Share thoughts anytime online: Feedback on the district’s investments in middle schools in the Arden-Arcade region and adjustments to middle school boundaries can be provided at any time using the Arden-Arcade investments feedback form.
  • Sign up for email updates: Please fill out the online form to receive email communication about project updates and milestones. 


Frequently Asked Questions