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Research Requests

Each year, San Juan Unified receives numerous requests to use district students, staff and facilities in educational research projects. It is the responsibility of the district's Department of Assessment, Evaluation and Planning to review all research project applications and to select those which are appropriate for district involvement.

Steps for submitting research projects:

  1. Please familiarize yourself with the district policies regarding research projects and confidentiality. These policies are the basic rules to which all district-approved research projects must conform. Your compliance with them is essential for approval but does not guarantee it.
  2. Complete the Research Project Request form. The more relevant information you can give, the better Assessment, Evaluation and Planning staff will be able to weigh the merits of your request. Be sure to attached a detailed abstract of your student, including the timeline of your research.
  3. Along with you abstract and timeline, please submit: all tests, surveys, and questionnaires you plan to use. Do not submit originals.
  4. Allow at least two to three weeks to review your proposal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Procedures Governing the Screening and Monitoring of Research and Development Projects - 6141.1 (a)

The district will support research projects which are significant, and which have the potential of benefiting the educational process. Procedures to be followed in conducting research should be developed by the administration.