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Strategic Planning

The Strategic Planning Task Force—comprised of parents, students, community representatives, classified and certificated employees, along with senior leadership and two board members—met in the fall of 2019 to conduct the initial phase of the San Juan Unified strategic planning process. 

During this initial phase, task force members analyzed demographic data to identify areas to expand listening and learning efforts in our schools and community. This was followed by an examination of academic data along with school climate and culture data in order to identify inquiry questions to use as part of the expanded “listening and learning” phase of the strategic planning process.

The values, principles, needs, and ideas gathered during the expanded listening and learning phase of the strategic planning process was synthesized by San Juan Unified staff into a plan that was brought back to the Strategic Planning Task Force for further refinement during a full day of convening. The resulting draft strategic plan was then shared for additional feedback, including feedback from members of the San Juan Unified Board of Education, before it was finalized. 

The following, final strategic plan was approved by the Board in February of 2020.

Our Mission

We empower all in our inclusive learning community to contribute and thrive in a radically evolving world.

Shared Values

  • Inclusivity: We commit to cultivating an inclusive community of belonging with genuine respect for diverse cultures, identities, and abilities.
  • Real World Knowledge: We commit to creating environments and providing experiences that build and apply relevant skills and knowledge for the real world.
  • Voice: We commit to hearing all voices, acknowledging, validating, and responding as we continuously grow together as a community.
  • Social and Emotional Intelligence: We commit to creating a culture that embraces, teaches, models, and applies social and emotional intelligence in all interactions with all stakeholders.
  • Perseverance: We commit to creating a learning atmosphere that models and instills perseverance through adversity and encourages risk taking.

Equity Lens

Through policies, practices, programs and decisions, San Juan Unified will reduce the predictability of which students fail by utilizing an equity lens to eliminate barriers for our specific populations.

Focus Areas

Welcoming schools that support the social and emotional needs of our students form the foundation for academic excellence. We recognize this is built through the continuous improvement of intentional collaborative efforts that are focused on the following:

  1. Connected School Communities:
    Caring staff actively build community relationships, identify assets and needs, and connect students and families with resources to help them access the best opportunities our schools have to offer.
  2. Healthy Environments for Social and Emotional Growth:
    All staff cultivate inclusive, safe, equitable, culturally responsive and healthy environments by integrating social and emotional learning to ensure essential student development. 
  3. Engaging Academic Programs:
    All educators engage and support each student in a challenging and broad course of study that builds skills, knowledge and experiences preparing all to be critical thinkers who communicate effectively, collaborate and are civic minded.
  4. Clear Pathways to Bright Futures:
    Our whole school community engages each student in discovering their limitless potential, and through coordinated efforts prepares them for college, career and bright futures filled with opportunity.

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