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Discovery Club

Discovery Club is a child care and enrichment program for working and busy parents who need assistance before and after school and throughout the summer months. The goal of Discovery Club is to provide children in transitional kindergarten through sixth grade with a physically and psychologically safe environment where they can grow developmentally and academically through fun and challenging enrichment activities.  The program also provides children with opportunities to learn social and life skills they can share with others. Discovery Club children learn about their world and participate in their community 12 months per year. During the school year, children complete community service projects that teach how they can contribute to their community. In the summer, children take many field trips learning what their community has to offer them. 

Discovery Club encourages ongoing communication between staff and families as an essential part of reinforcing the child’s feeling that Discovery Club is a connection between home and school.

If you have questions please email:


If you are interested in Discovery Club for your child, please fill out the Discovery Club Application. This application is for children currently in TK - 6th grade. 

Note: Once your child is enrolled in Discovery Club, there's no need for annual reapplication.

Discovery Club is a 12-month program- students are enrolled as space is available all year. 


Child Action is accepted. 

TK and Kindergarten 2024/2025 Enrollment

Enrollment Period: Our open enrollment period was scheduled to commence on December 2nd, 2023, and will ran until March 2nd, 2024.

Applications submitted after March 2nd  will be processed based on the day they were submitted. This means that your position on the waitlist will reflect the chronological order of your application submission.

We encourage interested families to promptly submit their applications to secure a spot on the waitlist

Waitlist Information: It's important to note that students do not need to be enrolled at the school to be added to the waitlist. We encourage parents not to wait until their child is enrolled in TK or Kindergarten; children can and should be added to the lottery now.

School Selection: For those planning to open enroll for a school other than their home school, the application allows you to select both schools. This flexibility ensures a smoother process for families seeking enrollment in a preferred school.

Click  below to fill out the Application:

Discovery Club Application

Program Hours

Discovery Club hours are 7 a.m. - 6 p.m., Monday through Friday, including non-school days and summer.

Parent & Guardian Handbooks

Visit this page to view the non-subsidized 2023-24 Parent & Guardian Handbook.

Visit this page to view the subsidized 2023-24 Parent & Guardian Handbook.