• US History   

    Mr. Tjeder's Class

    Hello Students and Families,

      I first want to say that I am sorry that we are not all together at Arden learning and enjoying our time together.  I had been looking forward to this year for a long time as my daughter and all her friends (My Buttercups) are in this 8th grade class.  I hope before this school year is out we will be back togther in the classroom.

       This year will be one of learning for us all.  For students, they will be learning about and studying US History from the Revolution to the dawn of the 20th century, for the teachers it will be how to effectively serve their students through this distance learning platform.  Much of this will be new to me, as it will be to us all, so bear with me as we take this journey together.

      I will post all assignments on Google Classroom.


    Thank you,

      Mr. Tjeder

    PS. Stay safe!