PE Clothes, Lockers and Student Planners

  • Arden Middle School will provide all materials required for students to participate in the school's classes and integral activities. For a variety of reasons, many families choose to purchase their own supplies in many categories including those listed below. 

    PE Uniforms 

    Students need to dress for P.E. and can wear Arden P.E. uniforms or black, gray or green shorts, or sweats and white t-shirts. Clothes other than Arden P.E. uniforms need to be a solid color with no writing or logos.  
    Students must comply with the above dress code requirements for P.E. Arden Middle School provides, at no cost, all materials to students which are required for classes and integral programs. Those families who wish to purchase P.E. uniforms may do so in the school office. Please note, only cash is accepted for payment. 
    T-Shirts - $8.00
    Shorts - $8.00
    Bag - $8.00
    PE Set (Shirt, Shorts & bag) - $20.00 
    Sweatshirts - $25.00 
    Sweatpants - $15.00 


    All students are assigned lockers.  Backpacks are not to be carried to classrooms during the day.  Students need to purchase a lock for their locker and another lock for their P.E. basket.  
    Combination locks are best. 

    Student Planners 

    Students are required to have an Arden Student Planner. Planners are provided at no cost, however, many families choose to purchase their students planner so that they can keep them after the school year ends. The cost to purchase a planner or replace a lost planner is $5. Students must bring their planner to school every day.  
Last Modified on September 10, 2019