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    Attendance is very important to success in school. In California, most students attend school only 180 days a year, so every day is significant.

    School Attendance Required by Law (Ed. Code § 48200, 48290)

    The State of California believes that education is essential for children and for our future. State law requires parents/guardians of children ages 6 to 18 to send their children to school, unless otherwise provided by law. Parents who fail to meet this obligation may be subject to prosecution.

    Attendance Questions or Assistance

    If you have questions about school attendance or need assistance, contact your student's teacher or principal. If you need help getting your child to school, call (916) 575-2451.

    Reporting Absences

    If a student will be absent or tardy, parents or guardians should call the school attendance number before school begins that day. When the student returns, he or she should bring a written note signed by the parent or guardian which includes the following: notification date, student's full name, teacher's name(s), grade, date(s) of absence, reason for absence, and name and relationship of person notifying the school. Absences not cleared within the time limit set by the child's school will be recorded as a "cut" truancy.

    Verification of Illness (Ed. Code 46011)

    The statewide average absence rate for typical childhood illness is 5 days. San Juan Unified School District allows each parent to excuse up to 10 days without verification of illness from a medical professional or school employee. Anytime your child has a doctor's appointment and/or documentation requiring them to stay home from school, provide this immediately when your student returns to school. These absences will be recorded verified and not take way from the 10 day parent excused limit.

    Students too ill to attend school after the 10 days are required to bring verification of illness from a medical professional on their return to school. If your child is under the regular care of a physician for a serious or chronic condition, or they are directed to stay home by a medical professional before the 10 days are reached, you should provide the verification at that time. Absences for illnesses not verified after 10 days will be marked unexcused and subject the student and/or parents to compulsory education law guidelines.

    Chronic Illness Form

    If your student has a diagnosed chronic illness, you may receive a physician's authorization to excuse absences for your child. The form requires the treating physician to verify the diagnosis and list symptoms that would not necessitate an office visit, but require the student to remain home from school. With this authorization, the parent sends a note when the child returns to school listing one or more of the symptoms the physician has identified. These absences will be considered verified.

    Note: The Chronic Illness Verification Form is also available at your school office.

    Absences Allowed by Law (Ed. Code § 46010, 48205)

    It is important for parents to let the school know whenever their child is absent. However, under state law, an absence is considered "excused" only for these reasons:

    1. Illness. A child is too ill to attend school if he or she has a contagious condition, a temperature of over 100, symptoms of vomiting or diarrhea, or written orders from a doctor to stay at home. If the child is ill 10 days or more, the school may require a note from a physician documenting the child's illness and the necessity of having the child stay home from school.
    2. Due to quarantine under the direction of a county or city health official.