• Handbook/Rules

    The information below describes some of Earl LeGette's programs, policies and procedures. This information is sent home with students on the first day of school in the Back-to-School folder.

    visiting school

    We welcome and encourage you to visit Earl LeGette School. If you would like to visit, please provide us with 24 hour notice. Check in with the office, sign the visitor binder, and put on one of our visitor badges before proceeding onto the campus. After you visit, be certain to sign out. This requirement is SJUSD policy and is for the safety and protection of all children as it ensures that only people with legitimate business are on our campus.

    Teachers are not able to conference during instructional time. Parents are encouraged to schedule conferences before or after school.  
    Student arrival and dismissal

    In order for teachers to carry out their instructional plans, it is necessary for students to arrive at school on time. Students in grades 1-6 should arrive at school no earlier than 15 minutes before instruction begins. Supervision will not be provided prior to this time. Students are asked to remain on the parking lot side of the white line until the bell rings. Students may not play on the playground until 45 minutes after dismissal time as supervision is not provided.

    Parents picking up children need to be sure to pick them up on time.  They must be picked up no later than 10 minutes after dismissal. If a parent chooses to meet his/her child at his/her classroom, the parent is asked to remain on the parking lot side of the white line until the bell rings.   

    student attendance

    Regular attendance is a critical factor to a child’s success in school. We ask that you schedule doctor, dental and other necessary appointments before or after school whenever possible. Please arrange family vacations at a time when school is not in session.   


    When children are ill, it is obviously best that they stay at home where they can be cared for and do not expose other children. If your child will be absent, please call the absence number at (916) 867-2054, option 1, to clear their absence. It is a 24 hour number, for your convenience. If you are up during the night with a sick child, and you know that they will not be going to school, feel free to call during the night.


    A student’s absence may be excused legally for the following reasons:

    1)     Illness

    2)     Quarantine under the direction of a county or city health officer.

    3)     Medical, dental, optometric, or chiropractic appointments.

    4)     Attendance at funeral services for a member of the immediate family.

    a) Excused absence in this instance shall be limited to one day if the service is conducted in California or three days if the service is conducted out-of-state.

    b) “Immediate family” shall be defined as mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, spouse, son/daughter, brother, sister or any relative living in the immediate household of the student.

    5)     Participation in Independent Study (see below). The parent must make arrangements a minimum of one week in advance of the absence for each week of work requested. The student must complete the assigned work agreed upon in the Independent Study contract. Please contact the school attendance clerk for detailed information about Independent Study. Independent Study may be utilized when the student:

    a) vacations

    b) attends family funeral over allowed days

    c) has family illness/emergency

    d) is pending evaluation/alternative placement or

    e) is waiting for a decision on a critical incident


    independent study

    Independent Study is a positive option for attendance under certain circumstances. However, it is a privilege and the following factors are taken into consideration when granting the request:

    a)    Is it in the best interest of the student?

    b)    Are there attendance or behavioral issues that make Independent Study appropriate?

    c)    Does the timeframe requested conflict with testing or other important educational activities?

    d)    Does the school have the capacity to supervise the contract as required by law?

    e)    Has the student successfully completed previous Independent Study contracts?

    f)     Students with an IEP (Individualized Education Program) must have Independent Study written in to the IEP.


    Independent Study requires the teacher to prepare individual lesson plans and materials for your student. Parent requests for Independent Study must be made to the school office a minimum of one week in advance of the student’s last day at school for each week of work requested. Please contact the school attendance clerk for detailed information about Independent Study.




    It is extremely important that each student arrive at school on time. The staff works to minimize classroom interruptions and to utilize the instructional day to its fullest. When a student arrives late, instruction is interrupted while the teacher explains the lesson to the student. Excessive tardiness has a detrimental effect on children’s learning and we ask that you cooperate by doing all you can to see that your child arrives at school on time. Parents will be notified if their child has an excessive number of tardies. Students who are tardy need to obtain a tardy slip from the school office before going to class.



    releasing students during the instructional day

    For the safety and protection of all students, please follow the procedures outlined below regarding dismissal prior to the end of the instructional day:

      1.   Parents who wish to pick their child up before the end of the instructional day will need to come to the office and sign the dismissal register.  While completing this information, the child will be called to the office.

      2.   If an adult other than the parent or guardian calls for a student, they must be listed on the student’s emergency card, and the parent must call the office and send in a note stating that they permit us to release the child to the care of that person.



    emergency cards

    Each year we ask that you complete emergency cards for each child in your family attending LeGette School. In an emergency situation it is vital we be able to contact the parents or designated adult immediately. It is important for this reason that the information provided on these cards (home and work number, cell phone numbers, parent or guardian’s place of employment, etc.) be kept current.  Please notify the school office immediately of any such changes so the emergency cards can be updated.



    student transfers

    Parents who plan to move and whose child will be attending another school should notify the school as soon as possible. The student’s cumulative record folder will be updated with specific information for the new school including current reading and math levels and other important information. As soon as the new school requests the folder, it can be sent to them. District policy requires that we send student records directly to the new school.


    In most cases, students who move within the school district and who wish to complete the school year at LeGette may remain at LeGette once an Intradistrict Transfer Application is completed by the parent and approved by the district. In that event, the office must be notified immediately so that we have a current address and phone number in case of an emergency.




    If it is necessary for a student to take any form of medication during the school day, a San Juan Unified School District Physician’s Referral Form must be completed and on file in the school office. All medication will be kept in the office and will be dispensed through the office. Medication should be brought to the school office in the original container by the parent. Referral forms must be renewed at the beginning of each school year.  San Juan Unified School District Physician’s Forms are available in the school office or on our school website www.sanjuan.edu/legette.




    State law requires that children attending school have a minimum level of immunizations. Children enrolled in kindergarten may not be allowed to begin school without proper immunizations. Parents of students in grades 1-6 who are not properly immunized will be notified and given a reasonable time period to obtain the necessary immunization(s). Not adhering to the state law regarding immunizations could result in exclusion from school. 



    student grooming/DRESS CODE

    Students are expected to come to school clean and neat.  We would appreciate your cooperation in seeing that your child dresses in a manner that is appropriate and safe. Please see the comprehensive LeGette Dress Code Policy for detailed information. 



    personal property

    Personal property other than items needed to complete schoolwork and assignments may not be brought to school without specific permission from the teacher or principal. This includes, but is not limited to toys, games, radios, trading cards, electronic equipment, excessive amounts of money, and live animals.  If a student brings such an item with permission from a staff member for instructional use, it may not be taken out or used during recess, before, or after school. Live animals may not be brought to school without prior arrangements with the teacher.


    Students violating this procedure may have their property taken away for up to one trimester.  In some cases, the property may be returned only to a parent. The school will not be responsible for lost or stolen personal property.



    cellular phones

    Current state law allows students to bring cell phones to school, with parental permission, for use during an emergency. These phones are for emergency use only and their presence at school will be allowed as long as students have a signed parent permission form on file in the school office and they follow these guidelines:

      1.   Cell phones are turned off while on school grounds except for extreme emergencies. Extreme emergencies refer to life threatening situations where the school does not have other communication options available.

      2.   Cell phones are to be kept out of sight at all times while on campus. This includes before and after school.

      3.   Cell phones are not to be used to call parents, friends, or relatives or in place of school land lines except for extreme emergencies.

      4.   The school is not responsible for cell phones brought to school.



    student use of the telephone

    The school telephone is to be used for business and emergency purposes only. It is available to students only by permission from the teacher or supervisor. 



    Breakfast  and  lunch  program

    Both breakfast and lunch participants may qualify for free and/or reduced rates. Please complete the application at the beginning of the school year and submit it to the cafeteria.


    Breakfast is served daily. Students eating breakfast may arrive 15 minutes before the first bell to eat in the cafeteria.


    Hot lunch is served in the cafeteria and includes milk. Meal tickets for any number of lunches may be purchased from the cafeteria or online and are highly encouraged. This method of payment ensures that students will have a lunch in the event that lunch money or sack lunches are forgotten at home. Free or reduced lunches are available to qualifying students by application. Applications are available in the school office or online at www.sanjuan.edu.


    Students going home during their lunch time must have a note on file in the office.  Parents picking up their child to take them off campus for lunch must sign their child out through the office. In order not to interrupt instruction in the classroom, lunches brought to the office after the start of the school day will be taken by noon duty supervision to a specified table in the cafeteria.  Students are instructed to look there for their lunches.


    Parents who want to eat lunch with their child at school must sign in at the school office and obtain a visitor pass. Parents and students may eat together at the tables outside the school office.





    By law, bus transportation is provided for Special Education students. SJUSD no longer provides bus transportation for regular education students at LeGette. 



    Please follow these rules while driving and/or parking in the school parking lot:

      1.   Observe the 5 mile per hour speed limit.

      2.   When dropping off or picking up children in the parking lot, parents of children in grades 1-6 must use the loading and unloading zone adjacent to the field.  Drivers must remain in their cars in the loading/unloading zones.

      3.   Park only in a designated parking slot.

      4.   Keep the bus zone and fire lanes clear at all times. 

      5.   A red crosswalk zone and a bus loading zone are located on the top of the hill on Kenneth Avenue.  Please keep these zones free of cars.


    State law required bus drivers to flash their red lights anytime students are loading or unloading.  For the safety of the students, drivers on both sides of the street are required to stop anytime the red lights are flashing.  This law applies to the parking lot as well.



    Students may ride their bicycle to school.  A bicycle enclosure area is located on the field adjacent to the parking lot. Because the bike enclosure is not always locked during the school day, it is recommended that students use a bike lock. The school makes every effort to provide a secure area for students’ bicycles, but it is not responsible for vandalism or stolen bicycles.



    student insurance

    SJUSD does not provide student accident insurance coverage for students. While the district takes appropriate measures to protect your child from injury, accidents can and do occur even in safe environments. Several affordable insurance coverage plans are available through Student Insurance, an independent insurance company. Information regarding student accident insurance is available in the school office.  If your child is not covered through other policies, we urge you to consider subscribing.



    home/school communications

    The latest school information is available on our website www.sanjuan.edu/legette. Each week a paper copy of the “LeGette News” is sent home with your child. The newsletter is prepared by the school office in an effort to keep parents informed about upcoming events, meetings, school holidays, and other important announcements. Please encourage your child to bring home all bulletins and school notices. Parents are also invited to visit the LeGette website and sign up for electronic delivery of the weekly newsletter.



    homework policy

    The staff at Earl LeGette School believes that homework is an important part of the learning process and a necessary link in the chain of events that enables a student to become an independent learner.  Assignments which are completed in a student’s home enable the parent to sample the student’s classroom experiences; assist the teacher in gaining insight into a student’s ability to learn independently; provide opportunities for the student to develop proficiency with skills, study habits, and a sense of responsibility; and provide a communication link between parents, students and teachers.


    Homework is assigned on a regular basis in kindergarten through the sixth grade.  The amount of time children are expected to work at home will vary.



    reporting student progress

    Report cards are issued three times per year.  For some students, Progress Notices are sent home midway through each trimester.  All parents are invited to a parent conference with the teacher at the end of the first trimester. Additional conferences may be scheduled by the teacher or requested by a parent as necessary. Teachers also communicate with parents by email, informal phone calls and/or notes sent home.


    Parents are encouraged to contact the teacher if they have questions or concerns.  Most items can be addressed through an email, phone call or conference with the teacher.  If the issue is not resolved at that level, parents are invited to contact the principal.




    All students participate in standardized testing. Students in grades 3-12 participate in the state’s assessment program. This assessment measures progress in English Language Arts and mathematics. Additionally, assessments in reading and math are administered periodically as an on-going measure of students’ achievement and progress. Information regarding the results of these assessments will be shared with parents and discussed at parent conferences.



    resource specialist program

    The Resource Specialist Program is a program for first through the sixth grades.  This program is designed to assist those students with learning disabilities that prevent them from making satisfactory progress in one or more subject areas as defined by an IEP (Individualized Education Program). 


    Students who participate in the resource program spend most of their day in the regular classroom.  In addition, they work on their areas of weakness individually or in small groups with the Resource Specialist. The Resource Specialist is a teacher specially trained to work with students who have learning disabilities.


    In situations where the child’s needs cannot be met in the resource program, he/she is considered for placement in a self-contained Special Day Class. If you have further questions about this program, please contact your child's teacher or the school office.



    speech and language therapist

    The major function of the speech and language therapist is to provide diagnosis and remediation of communication disorders.  A communication disorder may include areas such as articulation (speech sounds), voice, fluency (stuttering) and delayed or deviant receptive and expressive language development.


    All kindergarten students are screened for language and speech problems.  If it is determined there is possible communication disorder, parents are contacted for a conference to obtain written consent for further testing.  Subsequent conferences are held to review assessment data, obtain parental approval on language and speech instruction plans, or to report student progress.  The same procedures are used with students referred by classroom teachers and parents or students identified as having a possible communication disorder in previous years. The difference is that these referrals are not screened, but parental consent for testing is obtained once the referral is made.


    The speech and language therapist may act as a resource or consultant to classroom teachers in terms of providing materials and ideas in the areas of receptive and expressive language and speech.



    student study team

    The Student Study Team is made up of regular classroom teachers, support staff and the principal.  The purpose of the team is to identify ways to assist students who are not succeeding in the regular classroom either behaviorally or academically. A referral to the Student Study Team is made by the classroom teacher.  The parent is a critical member of the Student Study Team meeting. Together the staff and parent develop an action plan designed to help the student achieve at his/her potential.



    limited/non-english speaking program

    Limited and non-English speaking students attend the student's home school.  They receive special assistance in understanding the English language through activities provided by classroom teachers and other individuals trained and certified in English language instruction. A parents’ advisory committee (ELAC) meets 4 times a year to advise the school of children’s needs.



    gifted and talented education program

    Student in grades two through six may qualify to participate in the district’s Gifted and Talented Program. There are several ways a student can be identified. The needs of gifted students are met within the regular classroom program through a variety of means, including instructional groupings and extension/enrichment activities. Many of the after school Enrichment classes offered at LeGette are appropriately challenging for gifted students. 




    The LeGette library houses a variety of print and audio visual materials. Materials supplement the curriculum and provide for recreational reading and research. Students in grades 1-6 spend 30 minutes a week in the library. Students may check out materials for one week, and may renew the materials if there is no reserve on them. Volunteers are essential to the success of our library. Anyone who is interested in volunteering in the library may contact the library clerk to make arrangements.



    care of textbooks and library books

    Students are responsible for all textbooks and library books issued to them during the school year.  All lost or damaged books must be paid for.  All monies collected are recorded and paid to the proper fund for replacement purposes.  If a lost book is found after payment has been made, the money paid will be refunded.  A student’s report card, yearbook or participation in end-of-year fieldtrips and/or activities could be withheld if payment for a lost or damaged book is not made.



    enrichment program

    We have a fee-based after-school Enrichment Program available for students in grades 1 - 6 enrolled at LeGette School.  Each session offers a variety of classes in areas such as science, art, music, drama, computer, and other special interests.  Fees for instruction and materials vary according to the subject matter and number of participants in a class.  Enrollment is limited and is on a first-come, first-served basis.  Announcements and class descriptions are sent home prior to each session. There are a limited number of scholarships for those who meet the scholarship criteria. Information about the Enrichment Program can be obtained by calling the school office or more information is on our school website www.sanjuan.edu/legette.



    discovery club

    The Discovery Club, operated by the district’s Early Childhood Education Child Development Programs, is a before and after school child care program for TK-6th grade students.  It is housed at LeGette and is open daily from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.  Children receive homework assistance, create art and science projects, work with the computer and participate in many other fun and interesting activities.  For further information call (916) 971-5975.



    parent volunteer program

    At Earl LeGette, parents are considered a valuable resource and their interest and participation in the school is encouraged and appreciated. Parent volunteerism is an integral part of the school and gives parents an opportunity to be involved in the learning that takes place at school. Parents can assist by working in the classroom, the library, the computer lab, the office or at home. Parents serve as room parents, art docents, PTA Board members, ELAC members, members of the School Site Council and other advisory committees.


    Parent volunteers help make Earl LeGette a special school.  Because of the help of our volunteers, many additional services are offered at LeGette. The dedication and assistance provided by our volunteers is deeply appreciated. The children benefit from parental involvement.


    Anyone interested in volunteering at school or at home, please contact your child’s teacher or call the school office. Parents who volunteer in the classroom may make those arrangements with the classroom teacher.




    Written permission from parents is required before a child is allowed to go on a field trip. The teacher will send home a letter describing the field trip and attach a Field Trip Permission form.  Please complete the form and return it to school promptly.  On most trips students are transported in private cars but, in some cases, district buses are used.  If you are available to assist with field trips, please inform your child’s teacher.


    By district policy, a student may be excluded from participating in field trips by the classroom teacher if the student is behind in work completion or his/her behavior has not been appropriate.  Parents will be notified in advance of the trip if their child will not be allowed to participate.



    Volunteers on field trips are always welcome. All drivers must be fingerprinted by SJUSD.  Fingerprinting instructions and directions are available in school office. Please allow a minimum of 3 weeks for fingerprints to clear. The Volunteer Personal Automobile Use Form and other required documentation must be on file in the school office before driving on a fieldtrip. A new form and documentation is required each school year for each driver.




    school playground/recreation aide

    Teachers are required by law and district policy to have a duty-free lunch period.  Parents are employed and/or volunteer as school playground/recreation aides during the lunch period and to supervise students after school while waiting for their bus or ride home. The primary responsibility of the school playground/recreation aide is to see that students are engaged in courteous and safe activities.


    Applications are made through the school office. Interested parents are encouraged to apply. Part-time and substitute positions are also available. Parents, either employed or volunteer, who supervise the playground must be fingerprinted through SJUSD and arrange a time and schedule with the Lead Playground Supervisor or principal.



    parent-teacher ASSOCIATION

    The LeGette Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) is a group of parents and teachers who coordinate efforts to enrich our children’s school experience. The PTA provides a support system for the school, the teachers and the students. 


    The PTA sponsors school events and programs including welcoming new parents on the first day of school. The PTA also organizes a carnival and pancake breakfast and provides funds for assemblies, technology, the library, playground equipment, instructional supplies and other school wide needs.


    Parents participate in the PTA as members, officers, committee members and room parents. Each fall, the PTA holds a membership drive and encourages parents and teachers to join and participate in planning the group's budget activities for the school year.


    All family members are encouraged to support the various special events held throughout the school year.



    School Site Council (SSC) is a decision-making group of elected parents and school staff whose responsibility is to act as advisors for the development, implementation, and evaluation of the Single Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA). The purpose of the SSC is to encourage improvements in the school to meet the educational, personal, and career needs of all students at the school through a collaborative decision-making process. The Council meets and conducts business meetings regularly. Records of agendas, minutes, and rosters of attendance for public review can be accessed online at https://www.sanjuan.edu/Page/2786 or at the school office. All parents and community members are invited to apply for a position on the Council and are invited to attend each meeting.


    clothes closet

    SJUSD maintains a Clothes Closet making clean used clothing available free of charge to families which qualify.  Further information may be obtained by contacting San Juan Central at (916) 726-5826.


    lost and found

    A “lost and found” rack is maintained near the multi-purpose room. Each year an abundance of clothing is left unclaimed. To avoid the loss of clothing, we recommend that items which are likely to be taken off at school (raincoats, jackets, sweaters, etc.) be labeled with the student’s name. Lunch boxes should also be labeled with the student’s name. Unclaimed items will be donated to charity two times per year. 



District Policy on Use of Students in Photos and Video

  • Photos and video footage of students add significantly to the communication value of district and school publications, television productions, and websites. It is the district's desire to share the achievements and recognition earned by students with the broader community. This effort can be aided by the use of photos or video footage showing students involved in the classroom and school-related activities.

    Photos & Video

    Unless notified in writing of an objection by a parent, legal guardian, or student of age 18, photographs and video footage of students and/or names may be posted in district-produced materials including printed publications, television productions, and websites.

    If parents do not wish photographs or videos of their students to be used in these materials, they should complete a Photo/Video Opt-Out form available at school offices or via the link below. Please be aware that opt-out requests are valid for the current school year and must be renewed at the start of the next school year.
    If an opt-out form is filed, district and school staff members will ALSO request news media not interview your student or film/photograph your student. While local news media typically honor such requests, the district does not have legal authority to prevent your student from talking with media or restricting who media outlets film or photograph. You are encouraged to have a discussion with your student about your wishes should members of the news media request to interview them. 
    If photos or videos of students or staff are going to be created, maintained or displayed by a third party where the district or school will not have direct control of the materials, then a written release form is required. Contact the Community Relations Office at (916) 979-8281 to discuss options. 

    Photos & Video - Special Education Students and Homeless Students

    School and district staff will always seek parent/guardian permission before using a photo that identifies a student receiving special education or homeless services. Permission forms for these situations can also be obtained from school offices or via the link below.

    Please contact your school office or the Community Relations Office at (916) 979-8281 if you have any questions about this policy.

Last Modified on January 19, 2023