TK-8 Homeschool

  • San Juan Unified offers an established TK-8 Homeschool program. In a homeschool program, the parent/guardian delivers instruction for 4-6 hours per day directly to their student. An advisory teacher helps the parent/guardian with curriculum, pacing and materials selection designed to meet grade level and state standards. 

    As part of the program: 

    • Students receive four to six hours of daily instruction from their parent/guardian and complete coursework for each subject. 
    • Parents or guardians meet regularly with the assigned teacher.
    • Families receive curriculum, resources, teaching tips and educational advice. 

    Specialized programs such as International Baccalaureate (IB), Rapid Learner, Montessori, STEAM, Dual Immersion and Performing Arts will only be offered through the district’s in-person option. 

    *Thank you for your interest in San Juan Unified’s TK-8 Homeschool program. We are no longer accepting enrollment into our homeschool program for the 2021-2022 school year. However, you can learn more about our independent study program here, and can join a waitlist if you are interested in this option.