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Inclusive Schools Week



Students at Cameron Ranch Elementary School celebrated Inclusive Schools Week by creating a wall of diversity in the multipurpose room on campus. Each student was asked to write an “I am” statement on a piece of construction paper shaped like a brick to add to the wall.


Inclusive Schools Week began in 2001 as a way for schools to celebrate the increasingly diverse student population on campuses across the country, including students who are marginalized due to disability, gender, socio-economic status, cultural heritage, language preference or other factors.


“The big thing about Inclusive Schools Week is that students get to be proud of who they are as individuals,” said Cameron Ranch Principal Tanya Reaves. “They also get to understand that their friends and peers all have differences and that it’s OK to have differences.”

 Students at Cameron Ranch look at a wall of diversity filled with student statements

Neighborhood Parent Liaison and Advocate Kimber Rice said the wall of diversity shows how unique the students on campus are and the many ways they think of themselves.


“The hope is each classroom will come into this room, see all of these diverse statements and have a discussion around them,” Rice said. “We hope that through activities like this that students will learn to look within themselves and see their own abilities and strengths, but also be able to empathize and look at others in the same way.”


The statements by students included ones about strengths, but the wall also included statements about weaknesses. Rice said she hopes students will see that students can identify themselves in a variety of ways.


“Mine says I am a different person because I am different from everyone,” said fifth grader and president of the student council Isaiah Williams. “I like different things from everyone and I like to eat different things from everyone.”