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Drop Off/ Pick Up Procedures

Cowan Traffic and Safety Procedures



Safety during drop-off and pick-up times has always been a priority at Cowan because many parents drive their children to and from school.  Our goal is to keep our students and their family members safe and our neighbors happy!  The staff members who are on duty enforcing the rules below appreciate your cooperation and courtesy.  Please share these rules with anyone who picks up your child, particularly on minimum and alternate schedule (open house and last day of school) days.  Please speak to your child about where to wait for you, walking quickly and being ready to get in the car. Parents should expect that pick-up and drop-off can take up to fifteen minutes and allow time in their schedule accordingly.  Carpooling is highly recommended to help alleviate traffic congestion.


The Parking Lot: For safety reasons, the school parking lot is not be used to drop off or pick up students. The parking lot is to be used for drivers who possess disabled placards and for commercial day care vans.  Spots labeled “Staff” and “Reserved” are for staff members only.  The “15 Minute” slot is for office business only and the “PTC Auction Winner” spot is only for the PTC Auction winners. Classroom volunteers and field trip drivers: please do not park in these spaces.


  • Street Parking:  Remember not to block driveways and on garbage pick-up day, please allow the appropriate space. Be respectful of our neighbors’ properties.
  • Drop-Off/Pick-Up:  Please drive to the end of Becerra, safely and slowly make a U-turn, and drop off or pick up your child on the sidewalk along the playground fence between the posted signs.  Students should be dropped off in a quick and efficient manner.  If your child is not out at pick-up time, complete the “loop” again.  This area is designated as a NO PARKING zone from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. and from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. 
  • Please only allow your child to exit your car on the school side of the street, by the sidewalk.
  • The Red Zones:  At no time should you park in a red zone.  This is illegal and you may be ticketed by the Sheriff’s Department!
  • Crosswalk Parking:  Parking, picking up, dropping off or making a U-turn in the crosswalk in a residential zone is dangerous and illegal.
  • Rear Cul-de-sac:  Please use the same precautions and courtesies with our neighbors at the rear of the school. Do not block driveways or park in this area for extended periods of time.
  • When picking up your child, whether during early or late dismissal, please do not honk your car horn.  The sound is disruptive to students who are still in class as well as to our neighbors.


Careful Driving at a Safe Speed is Always Necessary: During times of heavy vehicle and/or pedestrian traffic, it is advisable to drive more slowly than the posted speed limit of 25 mph.


Thank you for your cooperation and respect for these guidelines.