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Board Briefs: Nov. 16, 2021

Here are a few highlights from the Nov. 16 board meeting:

Update provided on Encina Preparatory High School

The board heard an update on Encina Preparatory High School’s progress for the 2021-22 school year. 

During the 2018-19 school year, Encina engaged in an in-depth exploration of both qualitative and quantitative data. Through a continuous improvement model, Encina engaged in a deep qualitative data study of the school including observations and intensive interviews with students, staff, administration, and community to attempt to learn more about the social-emotional and academic needs of the students. As a result of this study, the site shared the limitations of the 6-12 model and recommended splitting Encina into a 6-8 and 9-12 model. As a result of this split in 2020-21, Encina’s design team is currently collaborating to define its vision and mission as a unique high school. 

Staff provided updates on Encina’s focused work which includes a deeper commitment to broadening and leveraging community partnerships, a focus on the specific academic and social-emotional needs related to high school students, as well as a continued effort to create more engaging courses and Career Technical Education pathways for all students. The full presentation is available here.

Board hears presentation on west region grades 6-8 facilities planning

Staff provided the board with a presentation on the west region grades 6-8 facilities planning. The presentation covered the district’s forecasted enrollment for the west region of the district. While the K-5 population is expected to slightly decline in the west region over the next seven years, middle and high schools will continue to see growth. Staff shared capacity studies, conceptual site plans and recommendations to help address the growth specifically at the middle school grades, as high schools should be able to accommodate the projected growth. 

There is a projected net growth of nearly 600 more students in grades 6-8 by 2025. Staff has identified a potential model that can accommodate this growth which includes:

  • Giving Arcade Middle School a boundary
  • Identifying the best location for a new middle school (Katherine Johnson) within the current Encina boundary
  • Minimizing disruption for the 6-8 boundaries for the K-8 schools on the west side (Edison, Sierra Oaks and Starr King)
  • Using the new capacity information for the middle schools on the west side

The next steps for this process include board discussion and possible future action that could lead to building a new Arcade Middle School to increase capacity, building a new Katherine Johnson Middle School on the current Creekside property, relocating Creekside Adult School programs to Encina’s campus and adjusting middle school boundaries. As part of this process, community forums are expected to be held to gather feedback. The full presentation, including a timeline, is available here.

Update provided on redistricting requirements

Superintendent Kern provided the board with an update on the upcoming redistricting requirements. This past July, the board selected a preferred trustee map, which used 2010 census data. Since then, the 2020 census data has been released. Based on this new data, the current trustee areas are not in compliance based on the total population distribution, as the district saw growth of approximately 31,000 residents. The district will be going through the process of updating the trustee area map. Trustee areas 1-3 will likely need to reduce in size, whereas trustee areas 4-7 will likely grow. A presentation from the demographer is expected to take place in December, with action taking place in late January or in February 2022.

In other news…

  • Superintendent Kern provided an update on the state requirement to add the COVID-19 vaccination to the list of vaccinations required to attend school once the vaccine receives its final approval for an age group. This requirement would go into effect this coming summer for our oldest learners at the earliest, with later implementation dates for our younger students. The district will continue to monitor for additional details that come from the state regarding this requirement.
  • The board discussed the Educator Effectiveness Block Grant plan. Board action on this item is anticipated at the Dec. 14 board meeting. 

The next regular board meeting will be held on Dec. 14 at 6:30 p.m. Visit for details. You can also view videos of prior board meetings on the district’s YouTube channel at