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Del Paso Manor students share spotlight with a Grammy winning artist

Del Paso Manor Elementary School students had the opportunity to learn how to rap and rhyme with the help of Grammy-winning children’s hip-hop artist Secret Agent 23 Skidoo

Agent Skidoo arrived in Sacramento on Monday, April 25 and each day that week he worked with different grade levels to prepare them for a school-wide performance scheduled for that Friday. The week-long lesson was set up in part by music teacher Kimberlee Foree with the goal of helping students share their voices and ideas loud and proud.

“In just one week, students grew from never writing an original rhyme to performing their own raps in front of the entire school,” said Foree. “They faced their fears and stepped up to share something original from their heart. Many of the students who shone the brightest were ones who are often troubled in class, and that was a beautiful thing to see.”

Check out the photo below of the students' week-long lesson!

students performing