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LCAP Spotlight: 2019-20 LCAP draft available

Students picking out books Thank you to everyone who provided input on the revisions for this year’s Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP). Throughout the year, parents, students, staff and community members offered their thinking about what was working at their schools, what was most important to support improvement, and where resources were needed most. Input from LCAP regional forums, themes from student leadership groups, results from district surveys, meetings with employee groups, dialog with the LCAP Parent Advisory Committee and the District English Learner Advisory Committee (DELAC), and discussions with district student council resulted in changes in the plan including:

  • Expanding support for English learners and low-income students transitioning into kindergarten
  • Resources to expand academic supports for students
  • Additional college-career technicians at high schools
  • Addition of a ‘test out’ opportunity to meet the 2-year world language graduation requirement
  • Bridge program for 17-year old newcomer English learners
  • Additional social workers and social-emotional technicians for kindergarten through grade 8
  • Communication tools to improve two-way communications with students and families
  • Piloting new English learner parent engagement sessions at elementary grades

Not everything could be included in the plan for next year, such as requests for reduced class sizes, bus transportation and mandated actions to build relationships. However, those recommendations will be held for future revisions. Visit for a more complete summary of the LCAP, a short video summary and the full LCAP.  If you would like to leave comments or ask questions about the draft LCAP, they can be submitted from that website.

Thank you for your interest in San Juan Unified’s Local Control and Accountability Plan.  If you are interested in getting involved further, look for opportunities to be a part of the LCAP Parent Advisory Committee or the Strategic Planning Task Force next year.