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Fall 2020 survey and Thoughtexchange results available

San Juan Unified has sought input from students, families, staff members and community to help guide plans for the reopening of schools in the fall of 2020. More than 9,000 parents and guardians participated in a district survey on distance learning and possible instructional models for next year while more than 3,700 students, staff members, families and others shared their hopes and concerns for next fall via the Thoughtexchange process.

District staff is working to determine what next year will look like using the results of these processes to inform decision making. It's hoped that information will be available to parents and guardians later this month.

Family Survey Results (See the full results

The family survey revealed a mixed experience for students and parents/guardians with the distance learning experience provided this spring with 47 percent indicating they were very or moderately satisfied while 53 percent said they were only slightly or not satisfied. Families cited confusion over assignment directions as a major challenge with the format. While platform splintering was called out as a challenge, 73 percent of respondents indicated Google Classroom as either very or moderately successful for their student, while 62 percent felt the same regarding the use of Zoom meetings.  

Student mental wellness was shown as an area of focus. Forty-one percent of respondents indicated their student was struggling or not coping well with the stay-at-home situation.  A majority of respondents, at 58 percent, indicated their student was able to frequently check-in with their teacher, however, 62 percent disagreed when asked if their student felt connected to their classmates and teacher.  

Families expressed a variety of interests when it came to potential instructional models for next year, with 55 percent indicating a traditional model would best meet their needs, 31 percent opting for a hybrid model and 11 percent indicating distance learning.  

Select results broken down in a variety of ways were shared as part of a presentation to the board of education on June 9. 

Thoughtexchange (View the Theme Summary or Full Report

More than 5,000 thoughts were shared among participants in the Thoughtexchange detailing their hopes and concerns for next year. Each theme was reviewed by staff and categorized into common theme areas.  

Thoughts on health and safety were the most commonly shared thoughts by participants with more than 1,300 being submitted, followed by quality distance learning with more than 900 thoughts and a desire for a ‘return to normal’ with 582 thoughts rounding out the top three. When looking at rankings, however, those theme areas that participants were most passionate about fell into other categories including helping teachers be effective and concerns over the impacts of impending budget cuts from the state.