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Share your distance learning experiences and help plan for next year

This message is available in SpanishArabicFarsiRussian and Ukrainian

As our schools and community have experienced radical change in the last few months we are all eager to know: What comes next? 

We need your help to answer that question. District and school staff members have been busy brainstorming and imagining what the 2020-2021 school year might need to look like. No decisions have been made but what we do know as we work to move forward is that: 

  • We will need to offer educational options in different formats to meet the varied needs of our students and families. While some will want to return to physical classrooms others will want or need to remain in a distance learning model. 
  • How we operate will need to change as we implement social distancing practices both inside and outside the classroom. 
  • It will be necessary to remain flexible and adapt to changing conditions as health guidance and other circumstances change. 

To help in the decision-making process and determine the details of next school year, we would like your feedback on your family’s distance learning experience and what needs you might have in 2020-2021. To participate, parents and guardians may take this brief survey through May 27. At the end of the survey you’ll also be invited to participate in a community-wide Thoughtexchange designed to help surface roadblocks and creative ideas for next year.


(Available in Arabic, English, Farsi, Russian, Spanish and Ukrainian)