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Fleet Feet shoe donations to go a long way for San Juan Unified students

Fleet Feet donation to Encina Thanks to Fleet Feet, more than 100 new and gently used athletic shoes have been donated to Del Campo, Mesa Verde and Encina Preparatory high schools over the past few months.

The donated shoes are helping students that do not have appropriate footwear to attend school for one reason or another. Circumstances include outgrowing shoes which can be costly to replace, not having shoes appropriate for the winter or not having the proper shoes to participate in physical education class.

Steven Weaver, a school social worker at San Juan Unified, first got in touch with Fleet Feet back in October 2018 as he was searching for companies who give back to the community. Weaver proceeded to connect Fleet Feet with other staff members to coordinate donations to their respective school sites.

When asked about being interested in giving back to the district, Fleet Feet not only expressed interest but donated several boxes of shoes that were hand delivered by Rochelle Gamette, a FIT specialist & coach for Fleet Feet.

“The need for such a basic necessity as shoes is never ending in the lives of so many, both on and off the streets,” said Gamette. “We try to share as much as we can.”

Erika Acosta, a San Juan Unified school social worker, has taken this opportunity to start a clothes closet at Del Campo and provide shoes to students who are in need, both for everyday use and for track and field students in need of shoes to participate in the sport.

“I plan on keeping a bunch of shoes here in the Del Campo clothes closet for students/families in need of shoes throughout the school year,” said Acosta.

Encina received approximately 46 pairs of shoes which will allow students to fully utilize the brand new track that opened last August.

“Fleet Feet was generous enough to step up and help us meet the need for clean and appropriate footwear at Encina,” said Melissa Tachiera, a school community intervention specialist.