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Del Campo student to award-winning breast cancer researcher: Dr. H. Michael Shepard’s #MySJStory

Last month, Dr. H. Michael Shepard received the 2019 Lasker Award. He and his team were recognized for their groundbreaking development of the drug Herceptin, a drug credited for saving more than 500,000 women battling aggressive breast cancer.   

Shepard was a teenager when his family moved to Sacramento in the late 1960s. He enrolled at Del Campo High School as a sophomore and credits team sports for helping him integrate into his new school. 

“Through the physical education programs and the sports programs, I made some very good friends,” said Shepard. “Some of whom I’m still in touch with.” 

Biology was his favorite subject, but he admits that he wasn’t very focused as a high school student. 

“The teachers, apparently thought they should spend some time with me and I did much better than I would have otherwise,” said Shepard. 

Check out Dr. H. Michael Shepard’s #MySJStory.



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