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Statement on incident of hate/bias at Rio Americano High School

Last week a teacher at Rio Americano High School had several flags from Germany on display in their class, including a flag from Nazi Germany. The Nazi flag is a long-standing symbol of hate and does not represent the culture and values of our school or our district. The symbolism of these flags is deplorable and we denounce it - hate has no place at our schools.

A full investigation is currently underway into this incident. We are looking into why the teacher thought the flags were appropriate to use and ensuring both the instructor involved and others understand that this is not an acceptable way to teach any curriculum. The flags were removed from the classroom last week.

We, as a district, stand for respect and inclusion. San Juan Unified is a place where all are free to learn in a safe and welcoming environment. This is an opportunity for continued education and the building of a more inclusive climate and culture throughout the district.