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Board Briefs - July 1, 2021

Here are a few highlights from the July 1 special board meeting:

District’s transition to by-trustee area elections

The board held a second public hearing to receive input from the community regarding the potential composition of by-trustee areas prior to the drawing of maps. The board also adopted Resolution No. 3059 clarifying the criteria the demographer will consider when preparing draft maps, with the following amendments:

  • Amending Item 7 to include safety considerations
    • Item 7: The boundaries of the trustee areas may take into account visible features, such as topography and geography, including mountains, flat land, forest lands, man-made geographical features such as highways and canals, safety considerations, etc., insofar as practicable.
  • Removing Item 8 from the criteria
    • Item 8: The boundaries of the trustee areas may consider avoiding pairing two or more incumbents in a single trustee-area, to the extent legally allowable.
  • Adding Item 11 to the criteria:
    • The boundaries of the trustee area shall include at least one high school or more.

Map options will be made available for review by July 6, and a second special meeting of the board will be held on July 13, providing for a presentation by the demographer on the maps and an opportunity for public input. Community meetings on July 14 and 15 will be held at multiple locations throughout the district, as well as online, offering additional opportunities for input.

The board will hold a final special meeting on July 27, providing for public hearings before selecting the final map to adopt, and resolution to move on to the County Commission for approval. The County Commission must take action by August 10.  

Visit for additional details, including full timelines and maps, when available.

In other news...

  • The board adopted tentative agreements with the San Juan Professional Educators Coalition, Teamsters Union Local No. 150 and San Juan Supervisors Association.

A special board meeting on by-trustee area elections will be held on July 13 at 6:30 p.m. Visit for details. You can also view videos of prior board meetings on the district’s YouTube channel at