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Starr King K-8 Students Enjoy Reading Room

Through the generosity of the Country Club Optimist Club, students have a place to read, imagine and dream.Through the generosity of the Country Club Optimist Club, students have a place to read, imagine and dream.ThroStudents read as sponsors of the room pose for pictures. Starr King K-8 students can now explore underwater worlds, peer into galaxies far away and watch with wonder the world’s wildest creatures – all without ever leaving the Carmichael campus.
Through the generosity of the Country Club Optimistic Club, Starr King students and staff members recently celebrated the opening of a Carson Scholars Reading Room.
“We are incredibly grateful for the support our school is receiving,” said Principal Roxanne Mitchell. “Literacy is at the heart of what we do, and this kind of enrichment is invaluable for our students.”
The purpose of the Carson Scholars Reading Project is to create an enriched environment for children to develop their reading skills. The project is dedicated to promoting reading as a key to unlocking a child’s full potential.
“If kids have the ability to read, they can reach for the stars,” said Michele Barnes, a Title 1 teacher at Starr King. “They can dream big.”
Barnes said the reading room benefits not only students, but staff members, encouraging a new level of cooperation: “It’s brought excitement and purpose to our school.”
After serenading club members, reciting poetry and offering their thanks in a schoolwide assembly, students got their first glimpse of the beach-themed reading room. They perused the selection, tried out the beach chairs and bean bags and dug in to a few books – then they shared these thoughts about their new room:
  • “It’s pretty,” said Leyu Hailu, 11. “There are a lot of books. It makes you want to imagine something.”
  • “It’s really nice – the art and the books and how much effort they put into it,” said Adrian Neri, 11.
  • “There’s different sections with different genres that I love,” said Leilani Bravo, 10.
  • “I’ll probably just lock myself in here,” said Thomas Tolman, 11.
  • And from Katy Noel, 9: “What I like about it is that it’s all from the heart.”