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Summer school students showcase science experiments and perform for friends and family

Summer school students demonstrate robots they coded to play a song San Juan Unified students recently gathered at at Skycrest Elementary for a performance and showcase to mark the end of the summer school program. Students demonstrated science experiments, sang songs, shared poems, chanted and shared their writing with friends and family. The three-week program was offered jointly by the English Learner and Multicultural Education Department, and the Title I Department under the Offices of Student Learning Assistance.

More than 500 kindergarten through fourth-grade students attended summer school at Skycrest Elementary, Greer Elementary, Dyer-Kelly Elementary and Starr King K-8 schools. Teachers delivered instruction using the Guided Language Acquisition Design (GLAD) strategies, which include songs, chants and kinesthetic activities.

“The goal of the summer program is to provide students access in meaningful and engaging opportunities to learn how to learn through having fun,” said Martha Quadros, program manager of English Learner and Multicultural Education.