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Standing in support

This message is available in Spanish, Arabic, Farsi, Russian and Ukrainian

We stand with our students, staff, families and community in grieving the death of George Floyd. In one tragic and preventable act, the world was brutally exposed to the racism and inequity endured by many Black Americans daily and ingrained into institutions throughout our country. It is important that we acknowledge how this event has impacted our youth and community, the pain it has caused and why so many are rightfully demanding change.

It is our hope that real change will result and is brought about through peaceful demonstration, civic participation and engagement. If that is to occur, we each have a role to play in standing up to acts of injustice, both big and small, and engaging in the hard conversations to build greater understanding and acceptance. 

Our staff will be holding listening sessions with our students and staff to help share how recent events have impacted them and how we as a system can support change in our schools, our community and our world. 

Kent Kern