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Thomas Kelly

Physical Education


Distance Learning


Dear students and family members,


The Physical Education department has developed a plan to support the health and physical activity of our students during school closures, and as our district has moved to distance learning, we continue to encourage and support students in their engagement of physical activity. To this end we recognize that our typical approach to, and required documentation of, physical education is not possible during school closures. Our hope is that our students will stay active and track their activity. To make tracking easy we have created an activity log that we hope you will use. 


We know that physical activity is not the same as physical education, and that we are currently unable to teach many of the skills and concepts in our traditional physical education classes. We, however, can focus on one very important outcome necessary to be physically literate and physically active for life: Demonstrate the knowledge and skills to achieve a health-enhancing level of physical activity and fitness (SHAPE America National Standard 3.) Standard 3


The Elementary and K-8 Physical Education website, will provide you with physical activity resources to help guide and enhance student learning. Activities should be chosen based on personal needs, health, and safety.


If you are healthy enough to exercise and can do so in a safe environment, we encourage you to do so. The activity log, written assignments, and/or participating in online activities will provide you with the opportunity to demonstrate and apply the physical literacy concepts. Your PE teacher will assist and guide you through the distance learning approach to physical education.



Please take into consideration any health limitations before beginning any activity. Also remember to always take in consideration your personal safety, your personal health / history, and make sure your physical setting is free of any hazards. Be safe and have fun!