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Arden Middle School invites community members to discuss future campus

Community members looking at rendering of new campus On April 30, Arden Middle School students and staff invited community members to join a discussion, and take a virtual reality tour of  a brand new Arden campus, estimated to be complete in the 2021-2022 school year.

The Arden Spirit Squad welcomed guests to the event with cheering, signs and a balloon arch, which displayed the overwhelming excitement about the project by all. Though many of the school’s current attendees won’t be able to enjoy the completed new campus, they are still excited about the opportunity for incoming students.

“We get to have new students have something to be really excited to come to school for,” said Allie Lehrer, a seventh-grader. “I’m excited for them to have something new.”

The original Arden Middle School was built in 1914–more than 100 years ago– as an elementary school. It then joined with other area districts in the 1960s to form the San Juan Unified School District and became a middle school in 1965.

Through generations of families, staff and community members, the school has become a historic part of both San Juan Unified and Sacramento.

Construction partners involved in  designing the future campus are aiming  for safety in every decision they will make throughout the year-long planning process – for instance, getting before and after-school traffic off of the street to help pedestrians and motorists.

Another factor in the design process was making the most out of the limited space the school has available. Those working on the project decided on a two-story building with modern classrooms, leaving the large field open for students and the community to use.

Sherry Drake, grandparent of an Arden Middle School student, is excited for the upgrades and improvements for students and community members alike.

“The school just keeps getting older,” said Drake. “Anything that’s an improvement for the district and [the school] I think is wonderful.”

Those who attended the forum had the opportunity to speak with lead members of the project, the district and the school to learn more about what is yet to come. A virtual reality tour of the new campus and a thought-board were also set up for members of the community who wanted to see and hear more about the project.

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