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Arden's Merit System & Tardy Policy

Arden’s Merit System


Every Arden student begins each quarter with 100 merits.  Merits are deducted if the following things occur: 


  • Tardies to class result in a deduction of one merit per tardy
  • Lunch detention results in deduction of one merit (if students do not show up for their assigned lunch detention, they lose a merit plus they receive another lunch detention)
  • Community service results in a deduction of 2 merits
  • Suspension – each day of suspension results in the deduction of three merits
  • Cuts – each cut results in deduction of 2 merits 

Students can earn merits back!  If students wish to earn merits back, they may speak to the office and request community service - as long as there is space available, students can earn back up to 4 merits per quarter.  Community Service is scheduled on an as needed basis and lasts from 2:45-3:45 PM on Wednesdays and Fridays.  Students earn 1-2 merits back (1 merit for 1 hour of community service) for participating.  Space is limited.  Merits reset at the beginning of each quarter to 100.  Students who drop to 89 merits or less are excluded from extra curricular events such as dances, socials and end of the year events.  (**Field trips have different merit requirements.** Please check with your student’s teacher for requirements to those events.)


Tardy Policy:

Students must be in class, seated, and with all materials when the bell rings, or they are tardy.