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Student Site Council Information

Arden Middle School School Site Council

Meets once per month (during the school year) 

2:45-3:45 P.M. in the Arden Library



2018/2019 Meeting Dates:

*No meeting in September or October 2018

*November 5, 2018 (Meeting Minutes for 11-5-18)

*December 3, 2018 (Meeting Minutes for 12-3-18)

*No meeting in January 2019

*February 11, 2019 (Meeting Minutes for 2-11-19)

*March 11, 2019 (Meeting Cancelled)

* April 8, 2019 (Meeting Minutes for 4-8-19)

*No meeting in May or June 2019

*Summer Break: July and August 2019


School Site Council
Minutes of April 8, 2019
Meeting called to order at 2:48 PM

Stephanie Malia, Takoa Raney, Cathy Franz, Whitney Disney, Allie Moore, Anne Del Core (guest)

New Business:
Guest and Rio parent, Anne Del Core, shared information about the Anti Vaping Alliance (A.V.A.). Anne was contacted by a vice principal and counselor at Rio Americano H.S. regarding the vaping epidemic. Several discussions will be taking place with different groups and departments on campus. The intent is to discuss the messaging and consequences of vaping with students. Anne met with the Prevention Dept. at the district. They reviewed what the vaping epidemic currently looks like. There was a list of items confiscated from students at Rio.

  • Devices have been modified to use THC
  • They can be charged and heat up
  • 78% increase in number of high school students vaping in the last year
  • Cartridge = the same amount of nicotine in one pack of cigarettes
  • Dab pens – all marijuana
  • 90% THC today vs. 5-6% THC 20 years ago
  • Use of vaping pens set off fire alarms at Rio
  • Rio will be creating an Alliance at Rio at Open House
  • There will be a letter for parents with esources and facts

Takoa Raney asked about next steps at Arden.

  • The hope is to educate
  • Look at the health aspects
  • Students to get involved
  • Research possible curriculum
  • Legislation opportunities
  • Alternatives to suspension
  • Do research on vaping – students are acquiring through the internet, older siblings, gas stations

Other Business:

The council discussed the Tabacco Grant.

  • Friday Night Live
  • Family Night Out – free dinner & program at Performing Arts Center at Rio, 5/7 at 6:30 pm.
  • The minutes of the last meeting were reviewed. Motion to approve: Takoa Raney, 2nd: Whitney Disney, approved.
  • Arden safety plan was reviewed.

Review of LCFF expenses. Moving unused $ into salary lines to fund coordinator salaries and additional classified support in the following areas:
1. WEB, PBIS, PLA coordinators
2. Classroom technology/testing support
3. Media tech support with textbooks/curriculum/technology
4. Classified/clerical for PBIS meetings

Motion to approve: Cathy Franz, 2nd: Stephanie Malia – approved.

Meeting adjourned at 3:43 pm. Motion to approve: Allie Moore, 2nd: Whitney Disney – approved.