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Power Hour: Barrett's after school homework help starts Sept. 4th!

Barrett's after school homework help program called "Power Hour" happens every Monday and Wednesday. Power Hour provides a positive, quiet, and productive learning environment for students needing help in one or more core academic areas. Students should come prepared with homework and questions that one of our teachers can help with.

Power Hour teachers are available Monday's and Wednesday's from 2:45 - 3:45 in the following classrooms:

English/History - Rm. 12 - Mrs. Honegger

English/History - Rm. 3 - Mrs. Culver (2nd Semester)

English/Spanish - Rm. 4 – Ms. Lopez (Wednesdays)

Science - Rm. 16 - Mr. Grinsell

Math - Rm. 33 - Mrs. Blodgett (1st Semester)

Math - Rm. 34 - Ms. Patterson (Mondays)

Math - Rm. 10 -Mrs. Danzinger