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8th Grade Elective Class Selection Starts May 11th

Dear Parents of Future 8th Grade Pasteur Students,

 Hello, this is Principal Dolan, reaching out to you and your students in hopes of starting the elective class selection process for next year. In the past this would have been done on campus in your student’s English classroom.  We have tried to replicate this process via an “electronic” format. Students will be selecting their elective classes through the Student Portal/Q. Along with this email you will have attachments and Google Forms/Applications to guide you through the class selection and course application processes.

 Our 8th Grade students will be participating in the Articulation/Class selection process starting May 11th, 2020. The selection window will be open May 11th through May 20th. That should give you plenty of time to complete any elective or program applications your students may want.

 As for now there are no seats available in our 8th Grade Honors Program. If you are interested and don’t mind being placed on a waiting list you can fill out an application on line. Here is a link to the website and application- (Honors Application)

Elective Choices:  

The Exploration Wheel: Students will be randomly placed in art, woodshop, music appreciation, or computers for the first semester and then roll to a different elective class for 2nd semester. For example: A student might have Woodshop first semester and roll to either art or computers for the 2nd semester.

Beginning Band   (Beginning Band Application)

Intermediate Band   (Intermediate Band Application)


Student Government  (Student Government Application)

Media/Yearbook  (Media/Yearbook Application)

Teacher/Office Assistant (T. A/Office Assist. Application)

Spanish 1- High School Level Spanish 1. Goes toward your HS graduation requirements.

As you go through this process and you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Mrs. Baxter, Mrs. Martin, our 8th grade counselor, or me


Elective Class Descriptions


Pasteur's Electronic Class Selection Process  -Tutorial on how to choose classes online.