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Work Permit

Hi there,

Please review the work permit requirements here 

Click here find attached a work permit application form.  Due to the remote work situation and to maintain as much distance as possible:


  1. Please complete the student info and parent signature
  2. Have the employer complete their portion and sign it
  3. Email me the completed form (a photo or a scanned copy)
  4. Once it is approved and ready, I will email the you back and arrange a time to pick it up the approved work permit from the BV office. 
  5. Allow two business days to process a work permit. 
  6. In order for a work permit to be approved, students must have at least a 2.0 gpa, no F’s (or N/C) on their latest grading period report (semester or progress report) and be on track to graduate.



Thank you very much,



Diane Douglas

Vice Principals’ Secretary

Bella Vista High School

8301 Madison Avenue

Fair Oaks, CA  95628

(916) 971-5058

Fax: (916) 971-5011