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Work Permit

Hi there,

Please review the work permit requirements here 

***Note that the GPA requirements are temporarily being waived.

Click here find attached a work permit application form.  Due to the remote work situation and to maintain as much distance as possible:


  1. Please complete the student info and parent signature
  2. Have the employer complete their portion and sign it
  3. Email me the completed form (a photo or a scanned copy)
  4. Once it is approved and ready, I will email you back and arrange a time to pick up the approved work permit from the BV office. 
  5. Allow two business days to process a work permit. 



Thank you very much,


Diane Douglas

Vice Principals’ Secretary

Bella Vista High School

8301 Madison Avenue

Fair Oaks, CA  95628

(916) 971-5058

Fax: (916) 971-5011