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Art Locker Pick-Up Schedule

Dear Valued Art Students,


I hope all of you are staying safe and healthy and adapting well to the distance learning offered. We are very proud of all our students who are giving their best effort. 


The art department has just now been given permission to make safe arrangements for offering pick-up of your artwork and/or art supplies.  This time may be used to return any borrowed tools and materials as well.

pick up route


Enter at the West Gate next to Mckay St. Hall monitors will direct your car to the Art Quad entrance (Across from tennis courts) You will stay lined up inside your cars until it is your time to enter the classroom and retrieve your art.  

Exit through student parking (see map). There will be no more than 2-4 students allowed in the classroom at one time. We will practice social distancing and remain 6 feet apart. Please wait in your car in line until instructed to enter.   


I will have the art room door secured open so you will not need to touch a door handle. There will not be restrooms open so please plan accordingly.


  • bring own gloves & mask
  • bring your own BOXES & BAGS. We don’t have time for multiple trips to your car. Bring a BOX!! 

Ceramics Students: Thursday, 5/28/20 from 9am-2pm (see below schedule)

Glass Art Students: Friday, 5/29/20 from 9am-2pm (see below schedule) 




Period 1: Last Name A-L


Period 1: Last Name M-Z


Period 2: Last Name A-L


Period 2:  Last Name M-Z


Period 3: Last Name A-L


Period 3: Last Name M-Z


Period 4: Last Name A-L


Period 4:  Last Name M-Z


Period 5: Last Name A-L


Period 5: Last Name M-Z


Period 6/0: Last Name A-L


Period 6/0: Last Name M-Z


If there is a conflict with this time, please contact your teacher.  Tanya Jenkins:

Kristen Edington: or remind text