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San Juan Unified breaks ground on Casa Roble signature project

Michel Lorenzo Students, staff and community members gathered in the Senior Square at Casa Roble Fundamental High School Tuesday morning, and broke ground on a student union and quad renovation that will modernize the campus with next-generation learning spaces.

Casa Roble is the fourth San Juan Unified high school to receive a signature project as outlined by the Board of Education under Measure N in 2012 to bring “point-of-difference” facilities to all nine high schools. The student union and administration building will be the first in San Juan Unified to bring a college-like atmosphere to a high school centered on student collaboration and community access.

“We are very excited for the 21st-century learning spaces, and also envision the student union to be a gathering place for the Orangevale community after school hours,” Principal Michele Lorenzo said.

The Nov. 8 groundbreaking ceremony was an opportunity for students to hold one final event in the Senior Square before construction crews demolish the quad area and rebuild it as an outdoor learning environment that also serves as a campus hub and path of travel to classroom wings.


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Senior Corbin Farias, class president, said the Class of 2019 is a little disappointed to have Senior Square closed for the rest of the year, but are proud to know that future seniors will have an improved space to learn and socialize on campus.Groundbreaking

“The only thing I won’t miss in my short time on Senior Square is getting chased by bees,” he joked.


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Board of Education President Pam Costa thanked the community for passing bond measures that make projects like the student union possible.

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