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Work to begin on new science complex and CTE renovation

CTE Building QUESTIONS OR CONCERNS: Please contact Communication Specialist Keith Reid at (916) 979-8821 or for more information about Del Campo High School's signature project. 

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San Juan Unified and Del Campo High are extremely excited to begin work on a signature project that is going to change the face of the school's front entrance, and provide new and improved opportunities for all students!

This is a two-part project that includes a science building with a media commons space that will transform the front entrance of Del Campo, and provide new modern spaces for student learning. The second part of the project is a renovation of the school’s CTE building on the backside of campus, and will enhance student opportunities in the Fire Safety Academy, Computer Technology and Media Broadcasting courses as well as a new Fabrication Lab. The building will have a storage bay for the program’s fire engine, ambulance and burn car, outdoor training grounds, and a modern broadcast studio with outdoor green wall and an innovation gallery where the different pathways can work in a collaborative space.

What does it all mean to you?

  • You will begin seeing construction workers mobilize on-site in mid-to-late February.
  • The project is expected to be completed in two phases: Science Complex w/ Media Commons - August 2021 CTE building renovation - August 2020
  • Our construction team vows to be the best neighbors possible. However, with every construction project, there will be some noise, dust and other disruptions for neighbors. We appreciate your understanding that the short term pain will result in a long-term gain for the school and neighborhood.
  • School parking, bus pickup/dropoff, and traffic circulation will be affected by construction.



  • The new Science Complex requires the removal of parking spaces at the front of the parking lot. Staff and student parking will be moved back. Even with the lost spaces, there is still adequate parking on campus for all drivers, but fewer empty spaces on a daily basis.
  • There will be overflow parking for STAFF ONLY available at Will Rogers Middle School.
  • Contractor parking has been identified in a lot between the school and park area.
  • Traffic will circulate one way - West from the entrance into campus, South around the front of the lot, and East to the exit onto Dewey Drive.
  • Bus pickup and dropoff will be located in front of staff parking at the front of campus.


Science complex  


Interior science complex