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Additional map for by-trustee area elections now available for public review

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An additional draft map outlining proposed boundaries for the district’s transition to by-trustee area elections is now available for public review. The map, along with the original eight draft maps*, can be viewed at

A ninth trustee-area map is being considered for the board and public’s consideration.  This map, titled Seven Trustee Areas-Conceptual Scenario 5, was created by the demographer in response to feedback received from the public, including but not limited to feedback received during the board’s public hearing on July 13, and feedback received during the community meetings held on July 14, and July 15.  Specifically, this map takes into account comments received requesting that a map keep Citrus Heights together in trustee areas 6 and 7, and comments received requesting that trustee area 1 include North Highlands as well as Arden-Arcade. 

*The San Juan Unified School District is republishing map Seven Trustee Areas-Conceptual Scenario 4, to correct and update data on the supporting demographic tables.  No boundary lines were changed on this republished map. 

The district will hold a special board meeting on July 27, where the board will conduct a second public hearing to consider proposed maps and receive final input from community members on all nine maps. The board is also expected to hold a public hearing and adopt a final resolution asking the County Committee to approve the transition to by-trustee area elections and related maps. The County Commission will meet on August 5, 2021 and must take action by August 10.

Members of the community can also submit written feedback at any time throughout the process at