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Top Priority: Safety of our students and staff


Last Tuesday, (5/22/18) students brought to Mira Loma staff members’ attention that a student had drafted a list of students to harm. We take the safety of our students and staff as our top priority at Mira Loma and immediately notified the district’s Safe Schools office and law enforcement officials who joined us to investigate.


Through the investigation, it was determined that the student had no actual intent to cause harm to others nor did the student have any capacity to cause harm to others. While the student thought the list was a joke, we do not take it as such and have issued the strongest possible disciplinary consequences. 


Mira Loma staff notified the families of those students whose names appeared on the list.


Since last week, we have been asked why broader notification to all families was not made in this case. It is district practice to provide a broad notification to families any time a threat is found to be credible and has not been resolved, or, if the credibility of a threat cannot be determined with confidence. In this case, we were able to work with law enforcement to detain the student in question, remove the student from campus and quickly determine that the threat was non-credible, therefore posing no danger to our students or staff.


It's important for our families and community to know that we are not alone in assessing potential threats to our campus. We work closely with the Sacramento County Sheriff’s department and officers trained in threat assessment to investigate concerns and take appropriate actions to safeguard our students and staff including arrests, referrals to mental health services and suspensions or expulsions. Law enforcement officials then determine if charges should be filed while school officials determine what disciplinary action is appropriate.


Safety is a shared responsibility. We thank the students who brought this issue forward. It is vital that if you see or hear something concerning you share it with a trusted school staff member, call local law enforcement or share it through any of the methods listed at