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Diapers to Diploma


Rio Americano is using our printer’s website to make ads and to make it easier for you to design and purchase a yearbook senior tribute ad.

See our flier or log onto and enter school code 7547.

Select “Buy A Yearbook Ad” from the main menu to make your ad.


Easy to use templates are available, or you can submit your own

creation by selecting the “single image” option. (If you are unable to use the website, we can still make your ads at school with your digital photo files. Email the ad editors at for more information.

Page Units, Picture, Words, and Prices

Due by Jan. 16

⅛ page: Up to 2 pictures and 50 words $50

¼ page: Up to 3 pictures and 150 words $95

½ page: Up to 5 pictures and 300 words $180

Full page: Up to 10 pictures and 400 words $360


Early Bird Discount

If you purchase your ads online before Dec. 3, you can get a discount!

⅛ page: $45,  ¼ page: $85,  ½ page: $160,  Full Page: $330


A diapers to diploma ad is the one gift you can give your senior

that they will still have and still love in 50 years.


Contact ad editors Francesca Herrera & Lilly Nelson at for more information!