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Hundreds of San Juan Unified students recognized with Seal of Biliteracy

Last month, the Sacramento County Office of Education hosted the 2019 Seal of Biliteracy Recognition Ceremony at Sheldon High School in Elk Grove.

Three hundred and sixty San Juan Unified students were recognized with the Seal of Biliteracy this year for their ability to speak, read and write in English and another language. Four of these students qualified for their proficiency in three different languages.

The awards recognize students who come from immigrant families and have been able to master English while retaining their native language. It also recognizes English speakers who have applied themselves and have mastered a second language.

“I am really proud of all our seniors,” English Language Development Teacher Elena Soto-Chapa said. “I know our teachers have worked really hard to prepare them and I know many students have gone out of their way to go to Saturday school and really maintain their language.”

Watch the video below to hear from the students themselves: